Dialyzer and anonymous function arguments

On Elixir 1.6.2, Dialyzer doesn’t seem to be reporting an issue when calling an anonymous function with incorrect arguments. Here’s a quick example:

@type cool_fn :: (String.t(), :a | :b -> String.t())
@spec cool(String.t(), :a | :b) :: String.t()
def cool(name, aorb), do: name <> "- #{aorb}"

@spec cool_doer(cool_fn) :: String.t()
def cool_doer(cool_fun \\ &cool/2) do
  cool_fun.("hi", :c)

When used like above, dialyzer doesn’t report the incorrect :c argument passed to the anonymous function.

If I change the call inside cool_doer/1 to just directly call cool("hi", :c) (and not the passed-in anonymous function), I do get dialyzer warnings.
Is there something I’m missing or doing wrong that’s causing this to not be caught by dialyzer?

Additionally, is there any way to have the (String.t(), :a | :b -> String.t()) function signature “shared” between the @type and @spec specs?

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