Dialyzer Unknown type for struct


I have a custom struct and I want to define a type for it so I can run Dialyzer checks. However Dialyzer is complaining that I have an unknown type.


I have a struct that defines an Event and I have defined the following type:

defmodule MyApp.Event do

  @enforce_keys [:event_id, :type, :version]
  defstruct event_id: nil,
            type: "event",
            version: nil

  @type t() :: %__MODULE__{
          event_id: non_neg_integer,
          type: String.t(),
          version: non_neg_integer

  @spec new(map) :: __MODULE__.t()
  def new(map),
    do: %__MODULE__{
      event_id: Map.get(map, "event_id"),
      type: Map.get(map, "type"),
      version: Map.get(map, "v")


However when I run mix dialyzer I get the following error:

:0: Unknown type ‘Elixir.Event’:t/0

What am I missing?

Somewhere in your code you are refering to Event.t but you have not an alias MyApp.Event there.


Also if you want to cut down on the boilerplate for the exact same result you can use typed_struct. I don’t usually like to add tons of “helper” deps like this but in this case it’s so natural I use it all the time.

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@NobbZ If only Dialyzer told me which file has the issue, it would be a start :stuck_out_tongue: I found it now, thanks!

@tme_317 I am a fan of the library and I use it in my projects.
However, I decided to not bring that yet to work. People may feel overloaded.

Besides, I find it better to use vanilla examples in the forum, this way the number of people able to help me is bigger :smiley:

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