Did `https://elixir-lang.org/getting-started/` exist at one time?

I’m using a (lower priced) OpenAI model with a dataset last updated in 2021. It’s generating links to Elixir docs like this:

## Voir aussi :

* Documentation officielle d'Elixir sur l'interpolation de chaîne:    

* Article sur l'utilisation des chaînes de caractères en Elixir:

Is this just an “AI hallucination”? Or did we used to have docs there but they moved without redirects?


I get a redirect on this one. I also see it in Internet Archive data:

This doesn’t appear to have ever existed or at least its not archived in anyway nor redirected… seems a funny top level “Getting Started” topic. I see string interpolation discussed under the basic-types.html#strings link.

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Thanks! I may have to cough up the money for GPT-4, which has a current data set.

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