Differences between `aws-elixir` and `ex_aws`

Hello ppl,

Currently I’m using ex_aws + ex_aws_s3 to uses s3 services, but become a needed to use other services from amazon that is not implemented in it, so I “found” aws-elixir library that contains much more amazon services friendly elixir implementations.
I want know what is the big differences and if have any type of “performance trade off” between this two libraries?

ex_aws is hand implemented, aws-elixir is built automatically from AWS sources. The latter is easy to keep up to date and working for all aws services, but also sometimes creates strange, not really ideomatic elixir code. It also doesn’t add any additional abstractions on top of the the generated APIs.


that’s interesting. Is there sth like a blogpost maybe describing how this is done?

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I was hoping for something more accessible than the code. I think thats too hard for me.