Diplomat — library for Google Cloud Datastore

Diplomat is a library for interacting with Google’s Cloud Datastore. It has support for transactions, queries, all supported datatypes.

Long term goals include but are not limited to:

  • Ecto support
  • gRPC support for remote calls (which also implies http/2 support)

I just released v0.1.0 last night (which included upgrading to the v1beta3 API), but it’s currently deployed in production and performing well. There’s still a lot I’d like to add to the library, but I’d love any feedback any of you have!


Looks really cool. Ecto support would be amazing :wink: Any sample projects I could look at?

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Unfortunately, I don’t know of any public projects that are using Diplomat (the apps where I’m using it are all private). And to exacerbate the issue, my documentation in Diplomat is severely lacking :tired_face: Addressing that issue is high on my priority list, and I’m hoping to make progress on documentation this weekend. I’ll be sure to update this thread when the docs are in a better state.

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I wanted to tinker with it on a sample app I am experimenting with but the docs are holding me back.

Have to scout through the tests cases to figure things out. Will keep an eye out and once it starts to make sense probably send in a PR or two. Great work