Disable / override IEx autocompletion on Elixir 1.15+?

Hello all!

I’m leveraging the IEx parser option to define a simple Cli for the VM, mainly used by the support team.

So far works great, but I’ve a blocker: until elixir 1.14.x it was possible to override the tab autocompletion via :io.setopts, which allowed to disable the built-in autocompletion and even override it with my commands.

Since elixir 1.15 the IEx setopts has been baked in the console loop, which basically always resets the options and making impossible to override/disable autocomplete.

This is a pity since even if I have my custom cli, still pressing tab will show IEx stuff (with elixir 1.15+)

Any hint? I’m leveraging IEx parser because makes a breeze to create a custom shell, otherwise a different console must be created which is a totally different effort.

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