Displaying HTML Markups on Downloadable PDF

I have created a api that returns a url to download a pdf.
The pdf file is generated from a html template whose layout is based on a real document.

My problem is … when the pdf is downloaded, the text boxes and check boxes are not displayed on the file.

I’m new to using elixir so a detailed way to solve this problem will be greatly appreciated…

Can you share some code that shows how you render the template into HTML and how you transform this HTML into a PDF then?

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please post some minimal code, and describe what library you are using etc.

if you are using wkhtmltopdf you’ll want to use “–enable-forms” as forms are disabled by default…

eg with https://github.com/gutschilla/elixir-pdf-generator pass in that param

|> PdfGenerator.generate!(shell_params: ["--enable-forms"])