Distillery build, Elixir cluster

Hello guys,
I have my app built up, and now I’m wondering, how can I run two instances (on two servers) of the distillery release and connect them into Elixir node-cluster.

I set up an application as this guy here --> Cluster Phoenix with Docker
But, when I run HOST= PORT_SSL=4000 REPLACE_OS_VARS=true NODE_NAME=prod01@ _build/prod/rel/myapp_phoenix/bin/myapp_phoenix foreground For first node and then
HOST= PORT_SSL=4000 REPLACE_OS_VARS=true NODE_NAME=prod02@ _build/prod/rel/myapp_phoenix/bin/myapp_phoenix foreground for the second

IDK how to run Node.connect (or whatever, IDK even how to run the console, which will be running in same “context” as the apps)

And secondly, as far as I understand if I have those apps running like this, they are a standalone instances. In other words, they are not seeing each other in EVM, therefore I can’t for example broadcast in Phoenix channel from one to other(s). --> so I need somehow to connect them.

I’m trying to do some POC on localhost, but then I want to run apps separately on docker.

I also tried an approach from Cris’s article here https://dockyard.com/blog/2016/01/28/running-elixir-and-phoenix-projects-on-a-cluster-of-nodes

to do something like elixir --name n1@ --erl "-config sys.config" PORT=4001 -S /path/to/release

But it’s not working (obviously), either.

Can anyone please, help me??
Thanks in advance.

Ok I guess that I’ve been wrong. If I try to do iex(n1@> :net_adm.ping(String.to_atom("n2@")) I’m getting :pong response. So they are seeing each other?

Now I thing I was dealing with problem which wasn’t there :smiley: