Distillery creates "_maint_" nodes that are blacklisted by swarm


I am attempting to deploy an elixir/phoenix app via edeliver/distillery. The app uses Quantum to schedule job. Quantum uses swarm for clustering. When I deploy and start the app it eventually start and accepts connections, but logs a bunch of lines like the following:

15:07:51.389 [error] ** Connection attempt from disallowed node :"myapp_maint_@" **

Looking through code it appears that Distillery injects the “maint” and swarm rejects it in it’s blacklist. What am I missing here? The node name is set in vm.args. I don’t understand why it would change. Also, there is only a single server running, so there node should not be trying to join a cluster or connect to other nodes.

Please excuse any incorrect assumptions here. Just trying to get the app working. Thanks for the help.

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Same issue for me

Are you attaching a remote shell? My guess would be _maint_ is what distillery names remote shells. Not sure why it prints an error instead of just connecting as a hidden node, but that would be my guess as to what is causing the log.