Distillery error

I’m trying to figure out how to deploy my Phoenix app but I’ve been having trouble.

I can’t use edeliver anyways (because I’m on Windows) and now with Distillery I’m getting this error that I can’t figure out or find a solution to online:

==> Assembling release…
==> Building release itsoursecret:0.1.0 using environment dev
==> Failed to copy application: not owner
app dir: _build/dev/lib/phoenix_ecto
target dir: _build/dev/rel/itsoursecret/lib/phoenix_ecto-4.0.0

Can anybody recommend a fix?

Your current user is not the one that originally created the artifacts.

You need to either rebuild the artifacts as the correct user or build the release with the same user that created the artifacts.

At least this is what I’d read from the error message.

But building the release on windows will only ever help you, if windows is your target platform.

Once I build it on the relevant OS, how do I deploy the distillery produced files onto my server? I’ve already set all the appropriate env. variables etc.

Copy and run them.

Use FTP or SCP or whatever datatransfer machanism you prefer. On the target host just cd to where you copied everything and run the commands you’ve seen after the release has been built.

Alright. I did that, and I think I’m close. I have an error though:

Could not locate code path for phoenix_ecto-4.0.0!

I placed the _build directory on my server (built on the same OS as my server, ubuntu 16.04) and ran _build/dev/rel/myapp/bin/myapp start

Sorry for all the questions, its my first phoenix app and I’m having trouble with deployment.