Distillery Release Tar deployment issue


I’m trying to deploy a Distillery release, we’re building the release through a docker image that mirrors the prod environment. Once the build is done we save the tarball as an artifact on our CI pipeline to send over to the deployment environment, however, extracting the tarball results in an error at the very end of the task. seems like all the files are extracted properly, but it’s a big bummer in for our deployment

here’s the distillery configuration:

environment  :staging do

  set include_erts: false
  set include_src: false
  set cookie: :some_cookie_data

the container is running tar (GNU tar) 1.28, it seems like some people have encountered this issue and fixed by moving to bsdtar 3.3.3 or above, has anyone ever encountered this problem?

here’s the error:

tar: Ignoring malformed pax extended attribute
tar: Archive entry has empty or unreadable filename ... skipping.
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors.

any thoughts?