Do automatic https request to update data in my database

Hello guys !
I just started elixir a couple of days ago but I’m still a total beginner and I need your help to develop my API. Actually, I’m working on a project that must use a third party API ( to update some data in my database. Poison seems to be a good candidate to do that but my problem is that I have no clue how to do automatic http requests, I mean where (wich folder, doc) to write my automatic calls and how to make them automatic, let’s say one call each 5 minutes ?

Elixir files can be anywhere within a mix projects lib/ folder and will work, but it’s common convention to namespace modules by their relative paths.

There are various ways of calling functionality on a schedule from more OTP reliant using Parent.Periodic, over cron like using quantum or db driven using Oban. You can also run your own logic with a genserver and e.g. Process.send_after.

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Thanks for the advices !
Just to be sure, how my new created file with my code in it can be used ? It’s automaticly used or do I need to call it somewhere (if so where) ?

You probably mean httpoison, poison is a json decoder/encoder

It depends… if You use a gen_server, You need to start it in the supervision tree. Otherwise what You put in lib should be available once compiled…