Do you know of any companies using Nerves?


I would just like to ask and create a list of companies - preferably in Europe, though interested in all globaly, too - that are using Nerves system. Can you please raise a hand and write a sentence or two? Or if you are aware of a company even though you’re not working there, I would really appreciate this info.


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You might have already browsed these sources, but mentions of some companies using Nerves can be found from the following pages:


My previous work place uses Nerves: INILAB. Nerves was used to build a custom OS that is used for a range of different embedded systems, e.g. control of solar inverters, IMSI/WiFi/Bluetooth scanning, mmWave radar scanning, digital signage / kiosk systems.


Hey Tomaz, I’m working at PhenixDigital a French company working on outdoor advertising.

We are actually working on migrating our digital signage devices to Elixir Nerves. We already have a handful of Nerves powered players broadcasting video content, and should have hundreds of them in 2024!


Are you guys using like “existing” Nerves targets or you’re building custom nerves system(s)?

we forked the official nerves rpi3 system, only to add additional packages in the nerves_defconfig file

It seems that is using Nerves.

This is briefly mentioned in a slide in this talk:

And this one Intuitivo as mentioned here:

Yes, Gridpoint is using Nerves, so does Sparkmeter, SmartRent, and others from

Any more from Europe?