Do you listen to Elixir Podcasts?

Do you listen to Elixir podcatsts? Right now we have 5 that we can say are active:

If you listen to one or more of them, why? What do you get from listening?

If you don’t listen to any, I also would like to know why. Is it because you don’t like listening podcasts? Or because you already listen to many other podcasts?

Source for the podcast list:

A previous post on Elixir Podcasts.


I’m listening to all of them.

Usually I do not put much of attention to the casts at all. I just put them on my ears when moving from school or office to the next trainstation.

And as I also have other podcasts in the queue that still cast regularly, I am barely managing to keep up with them. Though what it gives me, is that I get the news.

Its rarely that I try to learn from them. Really, its about the news only.

Having heard about a library or tool mentioned, even in this passing by manor, sometimes enables me to just come up with this in the office when related problems arise.

Also sometimes the jokes are good :smiley:


I don’t.

They are a really uneffective format for me, the guests are not really people that interest me and the topics are not either. So hey. Why lose time with things that are not targeted at me.


I’ve been listening to most of them though not religiously. mainly just to get a sense for what people in the community think is important. Some of the real value for me is in hearing about new libraries as they come out.

As a newbie several years ago, I listened to Elixir Fountain with Johhny Winn and later also Sean Callan. Those were hugely helpful in helping me get acclimated to the ecosystem.


Very interesting, Diana. Which guests would interest you? Which topics? Do you listen to other (non-Elixir) podcasts?

I personally have been listing to all of the shows listed for quite some time. The Elixir podcasts helped me get ramped up on using Elixir years ago and even today remain a good way to keep a pulse on the community/ecosystem.

Although I don’t listen much to Elixir Mix anymore…since I am now a panelist on the show (who honestly likes listening to the sound of their own voice :stuck_out_tongue:).


To be blunt, it’s hard to imagine one ecosystem having enough activity, content, and conversations to meaningfully sustain 5 different podcasts.

I don’t begrudge anyone who appreciates the format, but it doesn’t work for me personally - I’d rather read than listen, since I can’t split attention either way.


I agree but no one should listen to all episodes. And the point is that as a podcast host myself (in Portuguese), there is benefit in having a conversation with someone interesting even if no one listens to that conversation.

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Not really. I listened to a bit of the Greater than Code.

Mostly i would love to hear from how we make the industry more professional. How we put code straight in prod. How we make code observable How we move the field into something closer to cognitive systems engineering. How Elixir enable product teams to go faster. To have better loop with customers. Etc etc

The whole navel gazing of Computer Science reinventing tools that are all broken and ignoring “how we do work” … let say it does not interest me.


I listen to all of those podcasts. I use them (and other podcasts) to keep me company when doing the dishes, cleaning, and other such chores. I will skip episodes if I don’t have time or if I’m not in the mood, but otherwise I listen to most of them.

The reason I listen to podcasts is that it’s a low-effort way for me to learn, and I can combine it with doing other things. It’s mostly about hearing the perspectives of other developers - even if I don’t agree with them, I usually pick something up, or nuance my own thinking on some subject. And the banter is always fun.

Does Not Compute is another podcast that could be added to the list. It’s not Elixir-specific, but the hosts mention Elixir quite a bit, as they both use Elixir for their work. Basically they use the podcast to chat about what they’re doing at work, challenges, successes, learnings, etc. Lately they’ve been talking a lot about PHP and Laravel, and contrasting those to Elixir and Phoenix - a discussion I have enjoyed, as the hosts have a very pragmatic attitude.


I love podcasts in general and regularly listen to all those mentioned as well as many others (either programing related or not). When I first started learning Elixir it was basically just @johnny_rugger’s show and it helped me understand where the community stood on important topics like concurrency, genservers and the like- stuff that for newbies may at first seem too heady to get a good grasp on. But I also listen to podcasts for one more important reason: finding out the “who’s who” in a community and the thought leaders on a subject helps me focus my reading efforts and put things I read online into perspective. All other benefits mentioned here also apply (the banter, tips on libs that may prove useful later etc.)


I listen to most if not all of them. That said, because my weekly schedule fluctuates quite a bit, the amount of time I have to listen to podcasts shows a similar fluctuation, so sometimes I am caught up and sometimes I am lagging weeks or months behind. :man_shrugging:


No. I prefer to read.
I would like to have some good RSS feeds (yes, RSS feeds :wink: ) to add to my RSS reader tho’


Do you listen to Elixir podcatsts?

Nope, I’ve never managed to get more than a couple of minutes into any podcast without getting bored. It’s just not a format that appeals to me.


That’s a common complaint. Yes, maybe podcasts are not for everyone, as videos of talks ar not for everyone (my case). I find it difficult to watch the video of a recorded talk for more than 2 minutes. But if I am in a physical event, I can watch hours of talks.

For me, podcasts only work if I am doing some non-intellectual demanding task at the same time, such as washing dishes or walking.

RSS is a great technology that was somehow killed. Fortunately most podcasts still have a RSS feed. Unfortunately, Spotify is trying to change this.

Yes, I sometimes do this with podcasts. More often recently I watch videos of talks from conferences.

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I’m trying to rope assorted bloggers into joining My site underjord definitely has a feed and I expect most of them do. Elixir Radar newsletter is also a good way to find the blogs.


Just like @akoutmos I mostly don’t listen to conversations I’ve had on Elixir Mix. But I follow all of them and listen to most. I will listen to Outlaws every time because it isn’t about whatever the topic at hand is. It is about having a fun tech-influenced conversation between a couple of buddies. So I like a conversational podcast. I’ll generally listen to the others as well. But that varies more by topic.

Big fan of podcasts. I think its fine that they don’t suit everyone. I mostly learn technical skills elsewhere. They are more entertainment and non-specific learning for me.


I very much like the webring idea! :wink: maybe a planet-style aggregator like could be created at some point!

I already added the feeds for all the blogs in the webring. You made my day :wink: thank you!