Do you need math for functional programming?

Hi Guys! I’m a newbie in elixir and recently I got hired in a company but my worry is it is my first functional programming and to be honest I’m not good in math, do you think there’s still a chance for me to understand the elixirs’ concept? or to be a functional programmer? (since we know that functional programming is more likely a math), is there anything I should learn first before learning elixir?. I hope you understand my concern…

Thank You guys more power and Happy Coding

I see programming in general much more in terms of abstraction and logic (and also creativity) than in terms of mathematics. I’m particularly not that good at math too and I’m just fine with it. (Of course, there are areas of work that will require you to know a little more math and other specifics).

This is my general thoughts, about functional programming I see it more in terms of data transformation than anything else, so you are probably fine ( :+1: don’t panic!).


All the math was done in 1970. Your good to go until you need strong concepts to create your own functional language :+1:

There’s still a learning curve but you’ll bust through it