Docker image for the Gleam Language

Run a container

docker run --rm gleamlang/gleam gleam --version

Create a new Gleam project

docker run --rm -v "$PWD":/opt/app -w /opt/app gleamlang/gleam gleam new my_app

Repository on Docker Hub

Gleam Language

Gleam is a statically typed functional programming language for building scalable concurrent systems. It compiles to Erlang and has straightforward interop with other BEAM languages such as Erlang, Elixir and LFE.

You can find out more about the language at


The correct link for the docker image in the Docke Hub is:

The one you have requires login, because it’s for the Registry.

Thanks, changed in the original post

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Released image for Gleam 0.9.0

This image also has Elixir installed,
so it can be used for joint Elixir/Gleam project and for projects managed with mix.

Released image for 0.9.1

Fixes a small bug in the formatter

Released image for 0.10.0-rc1

Changes coming in 0.10.0

  • Single letter module names are now permitted.
  • Added support for bit string syntax.
  • Support for the deprecated list prepend syntax has been removed.
  • Added module level constants that are inlined at compile time.
  • Public module level constants generate documentation.
  • The formatter style has been improved to wrap and sort imports.
  • The formatter now permits comments at the end of module function bodies.
  • The formatter now skips files that match patterns defined in ignore files
    such as .gitignore and .ignore.
  • Error message diagnostic code previews for type errors when using the the
    pipe operator have been made more accurate.
  • Added support for list literals in clause guards.
  • Fixed bug when reassigning a variable inside a case clause with alternative
  • Todos can now take an optional label.