Documentation on advanced Elixir topics

I want to go deeper in studying Elixir but I got stuck at some level, between intermediate and advanced. I am looking for a book or advanced tutorial to overcome this.
So, I got st(r)uck by several advanced concepts such as: typespecs, AST, protocols, behaviours, bitstrings (+ advanced mix usage, packages, deployment)
All the books I know are for beginning-intermediate levels, they barely scratch the advanced stuff. Instead plenty of material on Phoenix/Liveview, GenServer/OTP but not Elixir as a language per se. I am aware that one can find info (tutorial, video, articles, course) on the web but I need something else: in a consolidated form, not scattered and disparate.

More precisely I’m looking for some book, tutorial, course of advanced Elixir with focus on detailed meaning, multiple examples, various case scenarios, to help me build a holistic understanding on before-mentioned concepts: more what/why/where than how.

PS: Please don’t point me to the Elixir official doc hub or Elixir School as I’ve been already there, it didn’t enlighten me much on these topics.

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I was about to suggest this.
If not, the Elixir source code itself, the tests for the source code for the relevant modules.

Typespecs are detailed in the Typespec reference page, but you need to dig deeper. Below I paste the link to LYSEFGG

Bitstrings maybe you need to look for Erlang docs or books

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Books on Deploying:

Deploying Elixir: Advanced Topics

A series of free articles on Deploying to various cloud services.

“Deploying Elixir” eBook (FREE)

Contains the articles above and more


Protocols: Read the elixir source code for the Enumerable and Inspect protocols and the various implementations.

Typespecs: Type Specifications and Erlang | Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good!

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I strongly believe somebody has to write a book called “Advanced Elixir” and cover all these topics and not only. I would do it but it’s beyond my knowledge.
Best to be writen in the style of Designing Elixir Systems with OTP: Write Highly Scalable, Self-Healing Software with Layers by James Edward Gray, II and Bruce A. Tate and Metaprogramming Elixir: Write Less Code, Get More Done (and Have Fun!) by Chris McCord
IMO, these two are different than any others in the way their subjects are dealt with

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You could create a Wiki page to list all advanced topics and that refers you to sections in books and articles and videos and books online. That’s totally doable.

Not wiki, it doesn’t do it:

It needs a thorough book, such those two I counted before. Beyond a humble wiki…

Is it You donot know js version for Elixir?
This is what I looking for.