Documentation/typos hero of the community

I just wanted to publicly thank for his godlike mission on improving documentation throughout the whole of the Elixir community.

For more than once he has done amazing proof reading and big PRs on my libraries that are focused on English and organization of the information. I think this work is severely undervalued for many but I needed to make this public. Here is one of his PRs: doc: misc doc changes by kianmeng · Pull Request #22 · joken-elixir/joken_jwks · GitHub and here is another Misc doc changes by kianmeng · Pull Request #305 · joken-elixir/joken · GitHub. Those are hundreds of lines of corrections and organizing the libraries’ documentations.

He has also contributed to:

So, if you are around here too, thanks a lot kianmeng (Kian Meng Ang) · GitHub. If possible, keep it up. Your work is really appreciated although not always “hyped up” as it should in my opinion. He has an interesting blog too: You people go read it :slight_smile:

If you know others that are doing this, consider thanking them too :slight_smile:


I think that quality documentation is one of the things that sets the Elixir community apart. Phoenix particularly has the best technical documentation I have encountered in any context (and I’ve read quite a lot). That precedent is then generally carried on around the community and makes it such a pleasure to pick up a new library you haven’t used before.

Thank you to kianmeng, and everyone else who works to make the documentation great.


+1000. I was the unsuspecting benefactor of one of kianmeng’s random acts of kindness when he swooped in without warning and submitted top-notch improvements to one of my packages GitHub - fireproofsocks/pockets: Pockets is an Elixir wrapper around Erlang :ets and :dets, a disk-based term storage
Shouts out, deep thanks.


+1 - his blog is amazing. Around the time he touched my repo he was digging deep into ex_doc and I don’t know that there is a better way to learn all about ex_doc than to read those posts. Thanks for posting this he heartily deserves the recognition.

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