Does any one know of a library that will generate an HTML test report?

Is any one knows which library is used for to generate elixir test report which will open in any of browser and shows some of details which will gives the exact clarity about test means how much of pass and failed.

Can you explain a bit more what you would like?
Is it a HTML-version of the result of a test run?

Hi @Hermanverschooten I am created framework in elixir for to test APIs. But i need some report generation tool or library that will generate HTML report I explored lot in hex repo. But no any useful i found. Pls suggest If you know any of tool or library that will generate HTML report which help us to know how much of test cases pass or fail.

How are these tests run and where would the resulting html appear?

i need see the test result report in html format and it will open in any of browser.

Then you’ll probably have to write it yourself. I’d take a look at for an idea on how to go about it. Haven’t used it myself though.

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