Does anybody know the timeline of the LiveView native project?

Does anybody know what is the timeline of the LiveView native project? Whether there will be something we can use to build iOS/Android app out this year or it’s more like 2024?

There was an update posted a few days ago and it looks like there are opportunities to get involved, too:


Sorry I don’t monitor Elixir Forum very often but I wanted to get back to you.

I just recorded an Elixir Roundtable on LiveView Native progress but that episode probably won’t be out until early March. The tldr; is that we’re about 50% complete on the SwiftUI views. Progress in the past few weeks has accelerated as we took a few steps back after ElixirConf to extract out common LiveView code into a Rust lib we call LiveView Native Core. I made this call so that we’re not maintaining a new implementation of the LiveView client and Phoenix Channels code across every client. Now we have a single place to absorb and correct to changes upstream in LiveView itself.

The Jetpack Compose client (Android) should see a set of major PRs merge this week (pending review) at which time that engineer is going to pause on the Jetpack client and move over to help accelerate the SwiftUI client.

We unfortunately have limited resources at DockYard and I decided that getting the SwiftUI client done faster is a higher priority. This also allows the Jetpack engineer to see how we’ve been building the SwiftUI client and better align the architecture of the Jetpack client when he moves back to that client. I anticipate that will happen sometime in April or early May. The good news is that Jetpack is considerably less complex than SwiftUI to implement. So I am hoping that while we’re losing a lot of calendar time we’ll make it back up in the aggregate as there is simply less work to do for that client.


Does anyone have some example code that uses forms with Native LiveView? I made good progress getting an IOS app to connect to my liveview and I want to progress it further. Basically I would like to know how I could implement a login form using SwiftUI to my phoenix app. I cant find any code example of how forms are handled in this scenario, if anyone has something that could get me pointed in the right direction I would be appreciated.

Sorry about not responding earlier as I don’t watch ElixirForum. But we have a repo for this: GitHub - liveview-native/liveview-native-live-form

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