Does anyone know a good Elixir + JanusGraph + Scylla driver?

Xandra hasn’t been updated since 2020 and Gremlex hasn’t been updated since 2019. :frowning_face:
Does anyone know good drivers for Elixir to work with Scylla and/or JanusGraph?

I’m new to Elixir and am thinking about doing this for my next project. :smiley:

The book Exploring Graphs in Elixir is still in beta, and it uses Gremlex, so it’s probably working just fine, though I noticed as you may have also that because Gremlex is incomplete you might have to use raw queries to go beyond basics. The library’s issues pages show which Gremlin functions they are hoping to add…

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That’s very interesting! But is Gremlex still under active development? The last commit seems to be from Feb 21, 2019.

Glancing at the repository it looks like it needs a new maintainer. There are some unreviewed pull requests, and this issue.

Gremlex does work - we have a vendored/forked version of it running Gremlin queries for AWS Neptune.

The core Graph struct here gremlex/graph.ex at master · Revmaker/gremlex · GitHub - is wrapping a queue for slapping gremlin traversal steps together - adding your own functions for traversal steps is probably going to be needed - but is easy.

At $current_job we’re using a more heavily modified and vendored Gremlex - with some changes to use Jason instead of Poison, support easy addition in a supervision tree w/ runtime config, slightly different encoding, some added steps, etc so will probably get the changes upstream at some point.

I recommend checking out some of the changes in the forks: Forks · Revmaker/gremlex · GitHub

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