Does elixir phoenix pair with React?

I am thinking of building a project with phoenix and react, is this a bad idea, what type issues will I face if I decided to go along with this?

It’s more complicate, and token authentication is different from session authentication.

You might also want to take care of SEO…

There are some libraries to render react components server side.

But using both is really nice. It’s liveview without liveview :slight_smile:

And You can use PWA with this combination.

I like to separate backend from frontend, and any combination of Phoenix with Vue, Svelte, Flutter, React, Elm etc. is nice. I know there is a js client, and a dart client for Phoenix channels, but I’am not sure for Elm.

I like React because of the functional nature of UI. Now, You can use functional components, with hooks. It is like FP, functions, compositions everywhere.

Frontend is as complex as backend. You need superskill to build a nice UI.

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