Does elixirschool cover every aspect of elixir language?

Hello, I’m looking for straight forward learning path. Does elixirschool cover every aspect of elixir language? Or maybe Elixir In Action, 2nd edition will be better choice? I thought about this course: The Complete Elixir and Phoenix Bootcamp | Udemy, but it seems to be outdated. What would you choose if you were a beginner?

I think for the beginning all are good enough to get you started… just get it started… It’s like you made up your mind to start running from the next Monday but stuck on choosing what shoes to wear… adidas or puma… especially for the beginner - it doesn’t matter… just start it :wink:

And don’t worry about “outdated”… most of “outdated” stuff will work with recent version of elixir especially basic language constructs… And once you are more fluent with the syntax - you’ll catch up on diffs rather quickly.


I agree with @RudManusachi that getting started is the most important step. I started with the official getting started guide: Introduction - The Elixir programming language. It provides a concise, straight-forward introduction to Elixir.


The official guide is more than enough for the first several days, as @axelclark mentioned.

I didn’t even go past half the track yet by the way. But if you finish it fully you’ll be a bit more familiar with Elixir itself (not so much with OTP though, which is a weakness of this track).

Much depends on where you’re coming from & where you want to go. If you’re a ‘beginner’ only to Elixir, but reasonably experienced otherwise (my position a couple of months ago), I’d read very quickly through the official guide, get everything installed, and perhaps work through (very basic and not recently updated but will get you hands-on with the available data structures etc). Then start working on small projects while going through Elixir In Action. The latter book is excellent but (I think) too terse on the fundamentals for an inexperienced programmer.

If you’re primarily attracted to Elixir because of Phoenix, it might be most motivating to jump early into Phoenix, and then go back later to fill in the gaps in your Elixir knowledge. In that case I think the official guides & module docs are easily enough to get some small webapps going. For a quick look at LiveView, the free portion of the Pragmatic Studio LiveView course is teriffic.

You might enjoy reading through Saša Jurić’s (Elixir in Action author) post on how to approach learning Phoenix.

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Thanks for all replies. I will follow elixirschool at the beginning and then I will switch to Elixir In Action, 2nd edition, which I already have, but if you have another worth mentioning resources, I will gladly check them out.