Does Grizzly work with a RaZberry 7 Pro?

The github docs state you’ll need a Z-Wave Bridge Controller in order to use Grizzly.

Could this RaZberry 7 Pro with external antenna for 868 MHz also function as a bridge controller?

I’d like to experiment with this radio technology to create a mesh network of Raspberry Pi’s.

Cheers, Ingmar

Hey @i-n-g-m-a-r, author of the Grizzly library here. From a quick glance I do not believe that the RaZberry 7 Pro will work with Grizzly. Grizzly uses a program called zipgateway provided by Silicon labs to manage the Z-Wave network and facilitate communication between a user and Z-Wave devices. Unfortunately, zipgateway requires the controller to use the bridge controller library and it seems that the RaZberry 7 seems to be using the static controller library. You can maybe flash the RaZberry 7 firmware to change the type of controller library, but maybe reach out to their support? They might be able to provide a quicker solution than I because I am not familiar with that particular controller. If you’re able to turn the controller into a bridge controller, then you can run zipgateway and thus run Grizzly.

Thank you @mattludwigs that’s very helpful. I wasn’t aware of any different controller libraries. Being a newbie to this realm the lingo is kind of daunting. For example I’ve read this Z-Way licensing page a number of times and I’m still not sure what exactly they’re talking about.

I’m interested in connecting home networks using radio technologie. Turning Pi’s into a mesh network of radio devices sounds like an interesting approach. I very much like your grizzly project.