Does the Coral TPU work with Nx?

Has anyone gotten Nx to work with a Coral TPU to work with Nx? I was thinking of experimenting with using Nx in a Nerves project on a Raspberry Pi, and was wondering if it would be beneficial to use/buy a Coral TPU.
I know EXLA has a :tpu device configuration option, but I’m not sure if/how it would work with a Coral TPU.

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I’d also be interested to know

It works with: GitHub - cocoa-xu/tflite_elixir: TensorFlow Lite Elixir bindings with optional EdgeTPU support.
@cocoa did a very good job there.


but it can’t yet be used with bumblee then right?

While it might not work with Bumblebee, it may be possible to convert Huggingface’s ONNX models in TFLite models as described in this StackOverflow thread.
I’m not completely sure since I haven’t tried it yet.

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