Does this have a name?

Not a long ago I ask why the first of parame of def named call in there.

Now I have a related question, what is the name of the part of these:

  1. def a(p1,p2,p3) do …
  2. fn p1,p2,p3 ->…
  3. catch p1,p2

Or maybe also incldued this: rescue v in ERROR

In Erlang – Types and Function Specifications There is a name call TList:

TList :: Type
| Type, TList

So, I think it may be called as something list, but what is it?

I am not sure, but I think v in ERROR is guard without when. Is it right?

  1. and 2. is argument list.
  2. is pattern matching for 2 values - type and value of exception.
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I know in other language case 1 is called argument list.
But in elixir (a,b,c) and a,b,c don’t work as a sentence.


At least that’s how I call them in my macros.

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