DogeHouse & Elixir screencasts by YouTuber Ben Awad

Ben Awad, who has a popular programming channel on Youtube, is working on DogeHouse. It’s kind of like ClubHouse, but with, y’know, more doge. It’s hard to know how serious he is about the whole thing.

For this forum, the interesting thing is that he’s using Elixir as part of the stack. Elixir is clearly growing on the guy, despite him not quite managing to get over the lack of static typing in an earlier video. I found the description of the architecture interesting.


It’s certainly a very interesting project and I appreciated that he shared his whole architecture.

I wonder why he didn’t use Phoenix; it seems like he could’ve saved some time and added some structure to the codebase. I checked the repo for the project and it seemed a bit messy to me.

My short review:

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I’m really excited about this! This is great marketing for Elixir :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I see a lot of his fans begging him for more Elixir videos and tutorials, it will be fun to follow his journey.


Why? Lack of tests?

Haha relax. I’m working on building more tests for him. It was hard enough normalizing the pythonish directory structure he built :wink:


I wonder why he didn’t use Phoenix

My understanding is that someone said “if you want to learn elixir well don’t start with Phoenix”, and he took that advice to heart.

On the other hand, I’m getting to try out code organization ideas unencumbered by some of phoenix’s that I don’t totally love.

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Dogehouse has been abandoned by Ben. Word is there is a group of developers interested in keeping it going past the expiry of the Google cloud credits it has left.

Go to the discord server if you’re interested in helping out.


Hope he carries on using Elixir/Erlang…

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RIP to dogehouse (long live dogehouse!)

Ben is pretty much a meme lord. Each of his videos gets tens of thousands of views. I agree that it’s a good thing if he ends up with positive views of the Elixir ecosystem and community. If that translates even into a couple dozen new active community members, I’d say that’s a win. Even better if he personally gets more active with the community.

Maybe one of the podcasts should try to get him on. In terms of “vibe”, I think Elixir Mix could be a good fit.