Download: A Hex package for downloading files

Hello everybody,

I was used to do some scraping with JS and Ruby…
I wanted to try with Elixir (currently only as .exs).

When I googled about downloading files with HTTPoison I come across this SO question in which someone @asiniy (the author) shared a package about doing exactly this

The package seems to lack a very descriptive documentation and seems not maintained anymore.
But it seems doing the job pretty well… I mean I tried it and it did the job well.

So I wanted to share it here first to promote the package and also in order to have some thought (I didn’t post in the library category since it’s not mine this category seems to be dedicated for post from their author).

For example, if the code is still relevant for current Elixir version and/or if it needs some refactoring.

Edit: Referenced @asiniy since it appeared in the mentions list

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