Dynamic repo config

There was some talk of supporting dynamic repo config. a while back could anyone share the current status of this?
Use case SaaS that has shared DB with org accounts and misc other top level info and per client DB for data to spread across many DB clusters.


someone, anyone ? :slight_smile:

It is not implemented yet. The tracking issue is: https://github.com/elixir-ecto/ecto/issues/1964

I do think it’s an important feature, but to be honest, I’m not sure if any of us will have spare cycles in the near future to implement this. So, if it’s something important to you, PRs are welcome. We can definitely provide some guidance.

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Thanx guidance would def be appreciated. I wouldn’t call it an unimportant feature as this is like how 50% of SaaS services scale the data layer by assigning clients to different Database clusters.

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I did say, I think it’s an important feature :slight_smile: There’s just so many hours in a day.

This problem (the capacity of the Ecto team) is an issue we’ve been recently discussing and something we’ll be trying to address soon.


Dah sorry read “an important” as unimportant me bad (need to get some sleep). If I can help with this somehow let me know I am very rusty since I haven’t really done anything in Elixir in a while but if none is working on this could give it a shot. I am deciding on a stack for a project and while lib. availability is pointing strongly toward Node I really want to try and do it in Elixir.

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Looks like postgrex with a thin wrapper would actually be enough for my needs

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