Easiest way to host a liveview app online?


In order to practice my learning, I’m looking for an easy way to set up an online hosted phoenix/liveview app that I coudl access through the internet.
As a single user first,
then, create more users to access it.

What are some “Phoenix app” hosting plans available on the market ?

I read a bit about gigalixir, heroku, render (and their limitation) but also digitalocean…
What solution is easiest to set up for an elixir beginner ?
paid or free hosting

Thanks for all suggestions :slight_smile:

You can host it anywhere really. I would give Gigalixir a go first, it is super easy. fly.io is another that has special elixir/liveview sauce, but it’s not as straightforward as Gigalixir.


Thanks cmo,
any tuto link about using gigalixir to achieve this ?


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BTW Are there Green web Hosting that can support Elixir too ?
I figured out, I might as well opt for some greenest hosting !

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You can run Elixir on any provider that gives you a “virtual private server”/“virtual machine”/“instance”.

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Render is also a good option


I usually book a root server, put NixOS on it, then an apache as a reverse proxy in front of my phoenix app. HTTPS handshake is done by the apache. Open ports are only 80, 443 and 22.


Hi All,
I’ve just found this Railway.app for elixir that seems cheaper than the rest so far ?
(offers a limited free up to 5$ plan for small projects)

Has anyone used it to host phoenix ?
great vacations to all… :slight_smile: