Easiest way to host a liveview app online?


In order to practice my learning, I’m looking for an easy way to set up an online hosted phoenix/liveview app that I coudl access through the internet.
As a single user first,
then, create more users to access it.

What are some “Phoenix app” hosting plans available on the market ?

I read a bit about gigalixir, heroku, render (and their limitation) but also digitalocean…
What solution is easiest to set up for an elixir beginner ?
paid or free hosting

Thanks for all suggestions :slight_smile:

You can host it anywhere really. I would give Gigalixir a go first, it is super easy. fly.io is another that has special elixir/liveview sauce, but it’s not as straightforward as Gigalixir.


Thanks cmo,
any tuto link about using gigalixir to achieve this ?


BTW Are there Green web Hosting that can support Elixir too ?
I figured out, I might as well opt for some greenest hosting !

You can run Elixir on any provider that gives you a “virtual private server”/“virtual machine”/“instance”.

Render is also a good option

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I usually book a root server, put NixOS on it, then an apache as a reverse proxy in front of my phoenix app. HTTPS handshake is done by the apache. Open ports are only 80, 443 and 22.

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