Ecto and computed virtual fields

Let’s suppose I have Account model that has_many Transactions.

I want to load the list of Accounts, with an average transaction, in one SQL query.

What is the correct way of doing that in Ecto? I am using Ecto 2.0.

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Given the other discussion, I would try to write this as a regular query:

from a in "accounts",
  join: t in "transactions",
  on: t.account_id ==,
  group_by: [,],
  select: %{account: %{id:}, average: avg(t.value)}

Then, if you want to move to schemas, I would build on top of the query above and rely on things like associations and others:

from a in Account,
  join: t in assoc(a, :transactions),
  group_by: [,],
  select: %{account: a, average: avg(t.value)}

Please let us know what you end–up with to see if we can further improve it.


yup, I figured exactly that out a bit earlier today. But I did not get the feeling that this is “kosher” way of doing it, hence my question to this forum. Thanks @josevalim