Ecto_foundationdb - An Ecto Adapter for FoundationDB

I’ve started development on an Ecto Adapter for FoundationDB: GitHub - ecto_foundationdb.

FoundationDB is a distributed database with ACID transactions. ( ). The adapter is still very early stage, but some basic functionality works, and I’m interested in gathering some early feedback.

There are no published docs yet, but in addition to the README, some more documentation can be found in the Ecto.Adapters.FoundationDB module.


Announcing EctoFoundationDB 0.1.0!

EctoFoundationDB is an Ecto adapter for FoundationDB, a distributed key-value store that is designed to be scalable, fault-tolerant, and performant.

Quick Links:


  • CRUD plus indexes
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Automatic migrations
  • Custom indexes
  • FDB Transactions

Due to FoundationDB’s Layer Concept, EctoFoundationDB is a more than a wrapper. It has opinionated default behavior that is intended to fit the needs of modern web applications, and it also allows you to add structure to your data beyond the table. It does both of these things with ACID transactions, to ensure your entire data model is in a consistent state no matter what.

For example, maybe you want to put all your Users in a durable queue to process later. Or maybe you’re interested in implementing your own vector similarity search directly on top of your existing data model. Perhaps you’re intrigued by the sound of automatic schema migrations. Maybe you just need some very solid simple data storage with high availability.

EctoFoundationDB can help you do any of this.

For me, after managing various medium-to-large-scale SQL and NoSQL databases in production for 12 years and eventually deciding I’m more of a NoSQL guy, I simply wanted an Ecto adapter where I felt like I was at home.

Finally, thanks to @Schultzer and @warmwaffles for their open source adapters. I learned a lot from ecto_qlc and ecto_sqlite3, and you should definitely check them out!


Nice! I was looking at possibly building a FoundationDB adapter, but I haven’t used it before to really know what I was getting myself into.

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This looks awesome.

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