Ecto generate migration with references with mix on the terminal command

I was trying this command for generate a migration for many to many:
mix ecto.gen.migration create_albums_genre album_id:references:albums:unique genre_id:references:genres:unique

but I receive an error:
** (Mix) expected ecto.gen.migration to receive the migration file name, got: "create_albums_genre album_id:references:albums:unique genre_id:references:genres:unique"

I know is possible to use this references command because I used before. But for the generate not works!
Which kind of ecto commands it will be useful using this references by the mix terminal command?

I’m not a 100% sure, but I think you might be thinking of mix phx.gen.schema. That one allows you to use things like name:string album_id:references:albums, etc.

I always get those confused too. I find mix help ecto.gen.migration and mix help phx.gen.schema help me figure out what I can and cannot pass as options.

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Yes. I just don’t understand why the other commands don’t have this.
It is so useful.
Thank you for reply @germsvel!

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I just don’t understand why the other commands don’t have this

That’s an excellent question. I wonder if it would be a nice contribution to Ecto?

I think yes, it’s like more productive.
You create the migration thinking about what it will fill and we know this type of set is for this in other cases. I was thinking why not have the --primary-key:false or --pk:true and as well by coomand.

Generating a schema and generating a migration are 2 very different things. When you generate a schema you know you are doing a single create action. Migrations can be many different actions, with multiple actions in the same migration.

For instance, you could create 5 tables. Should all of them have the same reference? Or you can be altering an index. Or modifying a column name.

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