Ecto is_nil/1 not working


I have a simple query using is_nil/1, but it’s not working and I’m getting the error:

comparison with nil is forbidden as it is unsafe. If you want to check if a value is nil, use is_nil/1 instead

Here’s the query

cohort_chat_query = from c in Chat,
      where: c.cohort_id == ^attrs["cohort_id"] and is_nil(c.team_id)

Any help would be great, thanks.

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Hi, just a guess, maybe you need parentheses

where: (c.cohort_id == ^attrs["cohort_id"]) and is_nil(c.team_id)

hth, (Merry Xmas!)

Thanks for the guess and holiday wishes!

I just tried that but still not working. :slightly_frowning_face:

Oddly, this this line works in iex console but not in my dev environment.

Ok, found the solution.

The issue was attrs["cohort_id"] was nil. I had to change it to attrs.cohort_id.

The is_nil(c.team_id) part was working fine.