Ecto.Migration Documentation

Is there any documentation specifically for Ecto migrations anywhere? It seems like it used to exist for older versions. There is this cheatsheet too but I’d rather have access to the real deal.

For example, searching the docs for unique_index comes back with a 404 and there’s nothing related to Ecto.Migration either.

Here is unique_index documentation.

Ecto, from v3 and on, separated its SQL-specific parts in another library: ecto_sql.

The core ecto library only deals with storage engine agnostic functionality.


Doh. Cheers.

If you work with Ecto 2.2, then you can go here.

IMO the separation in Ecto 3 is very well executed.

Yeah, I guess it’s just not index enough yet for “ecto migration documentation” to pop up in (my bubble on) google.