Ecto_mnesia for Ecto 3

so I thought I would fix ecto_mnesia up so it would work for Ecto 3. The adapter used to support migrations in the past. Given that Ecto was split up into two packages and I need stuff from there to make the migrations work, I am wondering should the migrations support be dropped, should I add ecto_sql as a dependency or should I copy the needed code from ecto_sql to ecto_mnesia?
So what do you think? Am I just wasting my time or is anyone interested in the adapter? And what about the migrations?

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You already have Ecto3 support for Mnesia:

Afaik that migrations are not done yet, maybe you want to join efforts with that author?


lol thanks. I guess I wasted my time then. and yes, I can talk to them

Well its never wasted, you learned something in the journey for sure.

You can evaluate what its done already here:

And you may want to speak with @pascal to see if both of you can unite synergies?


I am using Memento:

For migrations I am rolling runtime migrations on the fly with versioned schemas. So each time a hit Mnesia to read from schema v1 I will upgrade on the fly to schema v2.

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Hi there, with the original author, we’ve brought many updates to this adapter, which now support:

  • multiple primary key
  • relations
  • (to-be-merged) support for foreign keys
  • table creation helpers (migrations like)

Your feedback is welcome !