EctoShorts - A library to help compose and create ecto queries with ease

Hello everyone!

I wanted to introduce EctoShorts to everyone here at the forum.

This was one of the first libraries I created and have been using in production apps for over 5 years. I decided to open source it a few years ago and have been using it across multiple companies, including the most recent company I’m at, where it’s used for almost all our ecto code. We use this to ingest and manage hundreds of billions of rows within Postgres, with millions of new rows being created daily (tl;dr it works at scale). It’s so useful, I even teach how to use it as a part of my course, so that developers can move quickly and focus on what matters!

I’m posting this now because I created this blog post to go alongside it, explaining a bit of the rationale and reasoning for creating this library, as well as some tips on how to work with it best! Not only that but I recently released 1.1.0 which includes the ability to query on relations as well now!