Edeliver not deploying upgrades

I’m trying to deploy my application using edeliver and distillery. I’m using these commands to deploy an upgrade to a remote server.

mix edeliver build upgrade --from=$(git rev--parse --short HEAD^) --to=$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)
mix edeliver deploy upgrade to production

But this is the error I’m getting for the second line of command.

Could not locate code path for release-my-app","0.1.0+ce57a6a!

What am I doing wrong here?

What version 9f distillery, edeliver and elixir have built the old release and which have built the update?

Both the old release and the updates have been built by the same versions of distillery, and edeliver

elixir ~> 1.7
distilery ~> 2.1.1
edeliver ~> 1.8.0