Edeliver plans to remove exrm support. Any objections?

Hi there,
@lessless and me have recently taken over some of the work on edeliver. We cannot guarantee a lot of time to this, but we will try to do our best.
Edeliver does a rather simple job, but is quite complicated because it supports so many different deployment setups and customization options. This is one of the things we want to tackle. With simplicity comes maintainability and ultimately happiness. :smiley:

When we do change major things, we want to be clear about it in advance and get your feedback.
Exrm states on it’s readme, that exrm has been replaced by distillery. Therefore we don’t plan to support it anymore, remove all flags in the code that check upon it’s existence and delete the its release code.

This means that all of you who still use exrm will not get edeliver updates anymore. Are there any objections?

Best regards,

P.S: If you want to contribute to open-source we will happily accepts PRs, especially for bash scripts! We plan to add more tests for different setups, so that could be a good place to start.


1.4.6 with restored distillery support is here https://hex.pm/packages/edeliver/1.4.6! :tada:
Be sure to checkout previously fixed relup patching docs https://github.com/edeliver/edeliver/blob/master/docs/relup-patching.md if you missed it in the previous release!
I bet there are not that much people who knew about awesome Edeliver.Relup.PhoenixModification :wink: