Educational resources (books, screencasts, podcasts) in other languages


I wonder if anyone is consuming educational resources in languages other than English.

Since I failed to learn English in 12 1/2 years of school, I had a big problem when I started programming as an apprentice 5 1/2 years ago. There are quite a few German programming books, but let’s be honest, 99,9% of them just suck. I started my career as a PHP developer, mainly interested in Laravel, so I signed up for, which I still think is the best learning platform on this planet when it comes to structure, quality, and audibility. The voice of Jeffrey Way is so clear, that I was able to grasp the spelling of every spoken word to translate it via Google Translate. That’s basically how I started to really learn English. Then I participated in their Slack and later started to read English programming books.

I really liked this way of language learning because it gave me a real purpose to learn and improve.

Unfortunately, this is difficult to do for other languages. Everything related to programming is kept in English, except for a few mainstream languages like Spanish and some Asian languages. Personally, I am interested in Scandinavian languages but that’s quite a niche.

I think it might be cool to collect some resources in other languages. It doesn’t need to be strictly related to Elixir tho.

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