EEF: Board Election 2022

Board Election 2022, Call for Candidates

The Erlang Ecosystem Foundation is set up as a community organisation, to be run for and by the community. As such, the role of board member is assigned by a democratic process, where voting members get to run and vote for their preferred candidates.

The process to be followed is described in legalese in our bylaws, but this page will explain more clearly how we plan for this to be working forwards.

Important Dates

The following dates are important to the campaign:

  • February 25: Elections announced, people can submit their candidacy
  • March 10: Last day to submit your candidacy. Email acceptance ends at midnight PT on the 11th
  • March 11: Votes are open
  • March 18: Votes are closed

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If you’re a voting member, you should have received an email letting you access the voting poll. Let your voice be heard!


Only 24h to vote! The EEF Board is Having its 2022 Election

March 11: Votes are open
March 18: Votes are closed

Members eligible to vote can do so here: Erlang Ecosystem Foundation - Authorization required

Who are the Current Candidates

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