Elixir 1.11 Chocolatey

Hi, may I know what is the usual timeframe where windows packages will be available for download via Chocolatey. Or is there any way I can help with this process despite my rudimentary skills?

The reason I ask this is because Elixir 1.11 doesnt seem to be available on Chocolatey yet despite its release a fortnight ago.

Many thanks.

Releasing new versions to package registries are not managed by the elixir team. You’d need to get in touch with whomever is responsible for that on the side of chocolatey.

Hi Chemist,

1.11.2 is available now. I realize I’m not as quick about updating the Chocolatey package as people would like me to be but since maintaining the package is an after-hours task for me I get to it as quick as I can. I am trying to take some steps to see if I can speed things up but if you absolutely must have new versions of Elixir as soon as they’re available then probably you shouldn’t rely on the CNG package.


Hi! Thank you so much. Yes i understand your busyness and i look forward to hear out how we can keep the choco project an ongoing affair. That said, you use elixir in your everyday work?

No I don’t use Elixir for work. Wish I did.

I’ve been maintaining the Chocolatey NuGet Package for Elixir for literally years–I mean to say that it has been an “ongoing affair” for me for a long time.

I don’t mind maintaining it but it’s always been an after-hours thing. There’s just not really enough work for me to do it full time–or even really part time. When I finally got round to fixing up the package yesterday it took me about 30 minutes. It’s just not that much work. The issue is finding the 30 minutes to take care of it between the other responsibilities in my life.

A lot of it is automated; I suppose I could take some time to try to automate the last bits that aren’t. To tell the truth part of the reason I’ve never worried much about it is because there is a good Windows installer and there’s also WSL so the CNG package seems like more of a nice-to-have rather than a have-to-have. I mean I’ve had maybe four or five people complain to me over years of maintenance about the fact that I wasn’t putting up the package fast enough.

The few folks that use the package–well I understand they want the new version of Elixir when it’s available but given the lack of complaint over the years I can’t imagine that my inability to get to updating the package is a real burden on a lot of people.

That said, I would like to find some way to remove myself as a bottleneck on getting this done and I’m already talking with some folks about how we might fully automate the process.


Onor.io many thanks for your kind reply and efforts on this.

Yes, it is definitely a time consuming affair. Perhaps you are right in saying there is a decent Windows installer now and people ideally should be steered towards that. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your effort all these years and your fair and honest reply.

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