Elixir: A Mini-Documentary

If you’re interested in the story of Elixir, this is a must watch!!

Watch it here: http://doc.honeypot.io/elixir-documentary-2018



Loved it! (Watched it twice :003:)

I think everything everyone said was totally spot on :023: and I really like how they managed to show the human side of not just the community but José himself :purple_heart:

Elixir, Phoenix and Nerves are things to be immensely proud of - because what they do is allow everyday people like you and I to build almost unimaginable things that can change the world, by ourselves and without the need for major investment or massive teams. What better gift could anyone ask for?

Thank you José, Chris, Justin, Robert (and Joe and Mike!) all the core team members and companies and community members that have made it all possible :049:

I do have one question tho… what are those stickers on Bob’s keyboard - I don’t think I have ever seen anything like that before :lol:


Excellent documentary.
Inspired by it and using my knowledge of Portuguese, I wrote a post describing a small event in the history of Elixir:

Why did José Valim create Elixir?

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I loved it! We should be grateful to @josevalim, who spent his precious time to create the programming language we use and love today.

Thank you Jose Valim!


I need those stickers!


I still want to know what they’re for :lol:


Well, I didn’t know a whole industry of shortcut stickers…

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