Elixir and ABAC architecture / XACML


Does anyone already created or used an ABAC solution / architecture in the elixir world ? a syste based on attributes and policies.

The idea is to create a system (based on microservices) to support Policy : creation, verification and decision make (and why not respect the XACML structures)

Is there any open source project that I can use ? Or should I start thinking of creating my own solution ?

ABAC model :


Any updates on this subject ?

I have been doing some research some years ago, but did not find libraries.

I did something simpler, RBAC, but it did not go pass the MVP.

Finally I use Azure/AD as the main source for authentication and authorization.

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Wow. That’s not easy to do and even harder to know if its done right when done(?).
Why not just some Cloud solution? AWS Cognito works fine, all others should provide a similar product.

I need also to use other types of attributes (resource attributes and env attributes) not only user attributes (via Cognito ). I think this is a solution that must be implemented in the application side.

Have you seen this GitHub - boydm/policy_wonk: Elixir authorization and resource loading in Plug form for Phoenix?

Sharing another lib that I found today GitHub - swarm-citi-usp/smart-abac-elixir: Expressive and lightweight access control policies that can run within constrained IoT devices (Elixir version).