Elixir and Erlang among the top paying languages

StackOverflow annual survey results are there, and it seems that Erlang and Elixir are on top of the most paying tech (ex aequo on 3rd position).


Great for the devs, but not so great for managers, right?

I don’t think that’s necessarily the right conclusion.

There are at least two important factors we need to consider: employer location and developer experience. We know that Elixir companies are focused towards senior developers - which is something we need to tackle as we grow - and that will reflect on those values. I think as the community expands and we have more companies around the world, those values will go down (the same for other languages).

Those are my thoughts. I don’t think we have enough data to draw conclusions though.


It is worth to note, that Elixir and Erlang only $77/year ahead of Perl and Ruby, so I’d say they all are on the same level.

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I also think that the population of Elixir and Erlang that took the survey was big enough that it was counted, but small enough, that it skewed the results toward high-seniority levels.

I posted it there more as a curiosity rather than “serious analysis”.