Elixir and Erlang BEAM for mobile devices

Has it ever been considered to port the Erlang BEAM and subsequently Elixir onto mobile devices? Ideally as the foundation of a new kind of operating system that could usher in the era of “every service being distributed”? To ask the least, wouldn’t such a platform favour mesh networking for mobile too? And interactions with Blockchain, how about it?

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At one point there was an iOS version of CouchDB and CouchDB is written in Erlang so it has been done before.

Funnily I am using Erlang and Elixir on my Android device already!!

I installed Termux bash terminal emulator.
Then ran pkg install erlang
Now I am more into elixir so I installed asdf-vm on my phone which is very easy to do.
Using asdf-vm I installed Elixir on my phone. Now my phone is my test environment. I have also done some extra work so that GItLab always deploys develop commits on my phone. Now my phone is the test environment for my mobile app. XDXD And this is crazy awesome.

I also have ArangoDB installed on my phone. Sometimes it sucks the life out of my phone. But it is totally worth it.


http://www.burbas.se/2011/04/12/download-erlang-for-ios/ is the most recent version to my knowledge, but also https://github.com/couchbaselabs/iErl14/tree/master has some stuff. R14 is … a long way back now, so none of your modern elixir or erlang stuff will work out of the box on it, but at least you know where it lives now.

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Now this !!!
Thank you so much! I’m definitely going to try this and keep you synced.
I’ve joined your Early Access on your app! Well done!

Thanks @JupiterIO1 !! I will keep you posted about the updates.

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