Elixir and Programmer Happiness

Hi all, after messing around and playing with several languages from almost all paradigms, I always come back to Elixir and I subtly realized that it is due to my Ruby roots, as Ruby was my first professional programming language, and how Elixir values the programmer happiness, and I think that it could be better explored.

It’d be nice to know your opinions about it, but for me, Elixir is a kind of Ruby functional cousin.


The idea that it reminds one of their first programming language doesn’t resonate with me. There are sure to be plenty of people who used Python, C#, C, Java or whatever first but enjoy Elixir. I’ve never used Ruby and I love Elixir.

I’d lean towards productivity, safety, stability, good docs, good community, interactive shell and Erlang/OTP.


Yes, and it’s surprising that besides Ruby, Elixir is the only language that brings this Enjoyment to me. It’s the second time that I found such a language, and I suspect that for some it’s the first time they are feeling this, despite being programming in other environments.

Elixir brings me programmer happiness because it’s really quick and easy to get to your actual goal. Many languages and frameworks never optimized for that; they focus on the logistics and not much on the end result. I know that many of those communities are very aware of the problems but it’s either Stockholm Syndrome, good salaries they aren’t willing to risk, or just general fanboy-ism that might prevent them from making ergonomic technology.

I mean, PHP Laravel and Ruby’s upcoming 3.0 version do seem like pretty solid efforts. Same for Rust’s actix-web 3.0. So there are other technologies that gradually are getting there.

But Elixir did put ergonomics and productivity first from the get go and that’s how it won me over.