Elixir and RFCs (language proposal process)

Has there been any discussion about adopting an official language proposal process like Swift? (https://github.com/apple/swift-evolution/)

I’d love to spend some time creating a starting point for that process if there’s interest in a more formal CFP process…

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Can we please have this discussion on another thread? :slight_smile: I am personally worried that a RFC process would introduce a barrier for discussions. Plus the amount of changes and the size of the changes Elixir goes through is much smaller than a language like Swift.


My experience with RFCs in ember is that they provide good visibility into what’s coming up. However, that can be bad when the rfc gets accepted and remains dormant because no one is working on it. People actively don’t use valid practices to future proof themselves for something that will exist. The visibility is good because it documents the decision process, including trade offs made. I’ve personally not decided if I like them or not.