Elixir and SICP

Just in case anyone else has or is interested in reading the SICP book. I’ve found some resources below so far. I hope some of the blog posts continue because it would be nice to see all the Scheme exercises Elixir-fied!

LFE (Lisp Flavored Erlang) Edition to SICP:

Jordan Dimov’s Blog Posts:


Nice find :023: which version have you read, the LFE one?

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Actually I started reading the original one many years ago but never finished it. Now that I’m an elixirholic, I’m going to continue with the LFE version when time permits.

I have been dividing my learning time between Elixir/OTP and Swift/iOS programming for a project. So, any time I get a break from that, I might pick up a chapter from LFE SICP.

The LFE version is not completed, I think they’ve finished up to chapter 2 if I’m not mistaken. But, it’s still 200+ pages into the original SICP.

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Ah right, thanks for the further info.

How you getting on with swift? (Maybe tell us here)

Haha hadn’t heard that before - brilliant :043:


Considering people have done The Little Schemer in pure Elixir, I’m wonder how much of SICP can be done in just Elixir—macros and all. Definitely in my todo list.


@alamba78 There’s also a course on MIT about the first edition of the SICP book.
I read about this course in an interview with @georgeguimaraes on medium.

Interview link:

MIT course:


There is an ml dialect of Erlang being made at this moment as well, it seems like it might be complete enough to do the exercises in it as well if anyone is curious: https://github.com/j14159/mlfe