Elixir Anki Deck

Hi guys,
I’ve been on a personal journey to learn Elixir for the past two years. During this journey I’ve been using the spaced repetition (flashcards) to reinforce new Elixir concepts as I’m originally from OOP world. Lot of the information in the decks are from “Programming in Elixir” and “Elixir in Action” books, blog posts, Stackoverflow answers etc.Anki deck can be found here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1686678669. Hope you find this useful and feel free to fork and enhance the deck.


Loving this Anki deck! Apparently right when I opened it, Anki imports the deck in the last used deck automatically.

Thanks, glad you liked it :blush:

This is awesome! I would encourage others to share theirs as well.

Thanks for the deck!